Chicago, IL (22nd April 2024): 
Topstep, operational since 2012 and one of the leading futures prop trading firms, is experiencing explosive growth on its YouTube channel, TopstepTV. This popularity boom reflects a burgeoning interest in futures trading and the wealth of resources Topstep provides aspiring traders.

TopstepTV is a novel mix of education and entertainment – we like to call it “tradertainment” – created to give viewers the knowledge and skillset required to navigate the futures trading arena while enjoying themselves at the same time.

Why should you watch TopstepTV?

  • Live market analysis: Topstep’s seasoned Performance Coaches provide analysis and live market breakdowns, helping to immerse you in the constantly evolving world of futures trading.
  • Elevate your trading skills: Interactive live streams and informative content will give you invaluable insights into trading strategies, setups, and risk management practices.
  • Learn from experts: You’ll see experienced traders execute trades in real-time, allowing you to learn directly at their hands, getting to know their thought processes and responses to market movements.

Make money from your passion
Topstep’s commitment to their traders isn’t just about education. The firm’s flagship program, the Trading Combine®, enables aspiring traders to demonstrate their discipline and ability to trade consistently in a simulated trading environment. Successful traders have the opportunity to obtain real funding and will be able to launch their careers as professional traders.

Join the Topstep family
If you subscribe to TopstepTV on YouTube, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of educational materials, live trading sessions, and join an encouraging community of aspiring traders. The Topstep team helps you to transform your love of trading into a fulfilling career.

Who are Topstep?
Set up in 2012, Topstep is a frontrunner in the financial markets, offering aspiring traders all the tools, educational materials, and funding needed to excel. Their fundamental goal is to enable their traders to use futures trading to fulfil their financial aspirations.