Topstep Presents TopstepX™ The Industry’s First Trading Platform Designed Exclusively With Prop Firm Traders In Mind

Introducing TopstepX™, a trailblazing trading platform specifically tailored to the distinct requirements of prop firm traders. This isn’t just another trading platform: it’s a gateway to the entire range of Topstep’s highly attractive offerings.

Make the most of the opportunity to join the TopstepX Trading Combine, lock in Topstep for the BEST PRICE in the industry—up to 87% off-for the life of your evaluation or until you earn funding.

TopstepX™ is a purpose-built trading platform exclusively for Topstep traders. Leveraging more than a decade of knowledge, the prop firm has worked hand-in-hand with professional traders and leading developers to build a state-of-the-art prop trading platform. TopstepX™ is designed to exceed expectations, providing the “Ultimate Trading Xperience™” by integrating education, challenges, and funding opportunities into one unified platform. Get ready to master the futures markets with TopstepX™!

  1. 📈 TradingView Charts are fully integrated and include all of your favorite charting settings and indicators

  2. ⚖️ The Tilt is a real-time indicator that gives you the behind-the-scenes sentiment of thousands of Topstep® traders

  3. 💪 Micro Maximum Position Sizes are synced according to the total leveraged amount, allowing 10x Micro to Mini contracts

  4. 🔁 Trade Copier is built into TopstepX, and lets you scale up an already winning trading strategy

  5. 🔒 Manual Lock Out allows you to lock in profits, or prevent emotional trading by walking away for the day

  6. ✋ Simple ‘Bracket’ Orders let you easily drag and drop profit targets and stop losses that work together

  7. ➕ Fast Depth of Market updates every 50 milliseconds, showing 300 price levels for a full view of the market depth

  8. 📺 Integrated, live TopstepTV feed streaming inside your platform so you can trade along with the TopstepTV Crew

  9. 👍👎 Feature Voting allows you to submit and vote on feature ideas that you want to see added to the platform

  10. 👩‍💻 Live Chat gives you access to a white glove Trader Support team, dedicated to TopstepX traders

And Coming Soon . . . 

  • 👥 Social Trading with a Trading Floor Pit like Xperience
  • 📲 iOS & Android mobile apps
  • 🎉 And a lot more never before seen features!

Widespread Issues: None 

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With TopstepX, the following instruments are accessible:

Gold (GC)

Crude Oil (CL)

E-Mini NASDAQ 100 (NQ)

Micro NASDAQ 100 (MNQ)

E-Mini S&P 500 (ES)

Micro S&P 500 (MES)

E-Mini Russell 2000 (RTY)

Micro Russel 2000 (M2K)

Mini-DOW (YM)

Micro DOW (MYM)

Silver (SI)

Micro Silver (SIL)

Natural Gas (NG)

E-mini Natural Gas (QG)

Micro Crude Oil (MCL)

Micro Gold (MGC)

Copper (HG)

Platinum (PLN)

TopstepX empowers traders to manage the maximum equivalent contract sizes for Minis and Micros (10:1 ratio)*. “Maximum position sizes” now reflect the total leveraged amount, allowing 10 Micro contracts to be converted to Minis.

*Silver contracts have a 5:1 ratio.

Benefit from leading charting software, TradingView, offering traders all their favourite tools and features like drawing tools, indicators, and custom layouts.

TopstepX is the only futures trading platform with integrated TradingView charts.

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