The Trading Pit Review

The Trading Pit is a global proprietary trading firm, based in Liechtenstein, which sets a new standard in trading by supporting traders reach their full potential and become a funded partner of The Trading Pit prop firm and build their trading career. Traders can virtually trade in multiple asset classes such as futures, forex, stocks and cryptos on one of the best and most powerful platforms in the industry.

Traders who pass the challenge get the chance to become a funded partner of The Trading Pit with the possibility to earn up to 80% of the profits for Futures trading & 80% of the profits for Forex.

The prop firm wants to help traders become more confident and build a successful trading career. The success of traders is in their interests and the company is fully aligned with their traders by helping them achieve their goals. To achieve these goals, the prop firm offers a wide range of resources to its traders, including live webinars, top notch trading conditions, direct market access, resource tools, a live squawk box and exclusive access to special events with professional traders. All these resources are meant to help traders gaining the knowledge and using the tools they need to build a successful trading career in the global financial markets.

The Trading Pit is the only prop trading firm with a true partnership model

The Trading Pit aims to equip their traders with the knowledge and tools they need to ensure that they have a successful journey in the global markets.

Prop Trading 2.0: Setting the New Standard in Trading

Proprietary Trading (Prop Trading) is when a financial institution aims to make profits off trading stocks, bonds, currencies, derivatives, or other financial instruments.

After purchasing and successfully completing one of their Trading Challenges, a trader can work with them and gain a percentage of the profits on their trades. They are democratizing trading and allowing talented traders, newcomers, and experts alike, to work in a unique Prop Trading environment.

The Trading Pit’s significant growth trajectory earned it the title of the Fastest Growing and Most Trusted Proprietary Firm in Europe in 2022—a clear indicator of its burgeoning reputation and trust within the trading community. 

  • Symax Fintech
  • SysTrade
  • GBE Brokers
  • FXFlat
  • TradersTalk
  • VolumeTrader
  • ATAS
  • CME
  • Quantower
  • Trade Don’t Play
  • Rithmic
  • Sierra Chart
  • Btrading Media
  • Bullfy

World-class Trading Platforms, available across all devices:

MT4, MT5, ATAS, Quantower, Rithmic, Bookmap, EdgePro, StereoTrader, Sierra Chart

Official Certification: The Trading Pit help traders to go through Certificate/License

Freedom of Choice: Freedom of choice to choose the broker of their No conflict of interest.

Agreement of Signal Provider: Provide traders after pass the challenge with Agreement signal provided to be signed to secure the trader rights for gain profits in futures.

One-time fee: They only charge a One-time application fee. No monthly and no hidden costs.

Broker neutral – They are not brokers but they’ve partnered up with the top brokerage firms from around the world to ensure that you will receive the finest possible conditions for seamless trading.

Multi-instrument trading: The only Prop trading firm in the industry that offers all tradeable instruments.

World class trading platforms: You gain access to several industry’s most popular trading platforms giving you a huge degree of control over how you work.

Mentors: You gain access to a network of experienced traders where you can learn from professional traders.

Education: They provide strong education support, tools, and systems for newbies and experienced traders! They developed an inhouse A to offer for free to traders to assist them to monitor their progress, add challenge parameters and avoid breaching their accounts.

Simple & Clear Rules – The trading rules are simple and straightforward.

Up to 80% profit split – Trade responsibly and consistently and receive up to 80% of your If you consistently generate profits on your Account, they can scale your account according to their Scaling Plan.

No time restrictions to go through next level within the scaling plan.

Extend Option – If you are performing well and you meet all Challenge’s criteria, you are eligible to buy an Extension to allow you enough time to reach your targets.

Reset Option – If you run the risk of breaching the trading parameters during your challenge, you are eligible for a Reset at a discounted price with no limits.

No restrictions on trading style

Overnight and weekend holding allowed.

EA’s and bots allowed.


 Register with The Trading Pit, pay a small administration fee and play one of their Trading Challenges. Show them your Prop Trading skills! Once you pass, you can move on to the next step, it’s that simple!

The Trading Pit Partner

 Once you’ve passed their Trading Challenge, you have several options open to you, from partnering with them, to providing financial advice, to producing trading signals for them. All of this depends on your level of experience and qualifications. Once you’ve agreed to partner with The Trading Pit, you can grow as far and as fast as your talent allows!

The Trading Pit Expert

 Together with their network partners The Trading Pit can offer you the possibility to initiate an official Certificate.





One-Time Payment Only
Profit Target$1,000 (10%)
Challenge Duration: 90 Days
Minimum Trading Days: 15 Days
See All Features




One-Time Payment Only
Profit Target$2,000 (10%)
Challenge Duration: 90 Days
Minimum Trading Days: 10 Days
See All Features




One-Time Payment Only

Profit Target$3,000 (6%) (Phase 1) and $2,000 (4%) (Phase 2)
Challenge Duration: 90 Days (Total in Both Phases)
Minimum Trading Days: 7 Days (Per Phase)
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One-Time Payment Only

Profit Target$8,000 (8%) (Phase 1)
Challenge Duration: 90 Days
Minimum Trading Days: 7 Days
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One-Time Payment Only

Profit Target$1,000 (Phase 1)
Challenge Duration: 30 Days
Minimum Trading Days: 3 Days
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One-Time Payment Only

Profit Target$7,500 (Phase 1)
Challenge Duration: 30 Days
Minimum Trading Days: 3 Days
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One-Time Payment Only

Profit Target$3,000 (Phase 1) and $3,000 (Phase 2)
Challenge Duration
30 Days (Total in Both Phases)
Minimum Trading Days
3 Days (Per Phase)
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One-Time Payment Only

Profit Target: $3,000 (Phase 1) and $3,000 (Phase 2)
Challenge Duration: 60 Days (Total in Both Phases)
Minimum Trading Days: 3 Days (Per Phase)
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1.Register with The Trading Pit
 Choose your market and register, pay for the Trading Challenge you want to take and log in to start.

2.Pass the Trading Challenge
Showcase your skills in a gamified (demo) environment and successfully complete the Trading Challenge.

3.Start Working!
 Receive a contract, become a Trading Pit partner, and start your career with them.

The rules are simple

  • Do not hold positions overnight (3:10PM-5:00 PM CT).
  • Do not exceed the daily loss
  • Do not exceed the maximum trailing
  • Do not exceed 50% of profit target in a single trading day.
  • Trade from a minimum of 7 days

The Trading Pit is an up-and-coming prop firm for traders interested in forex and futures trading. There is only a handful of futures prop firms available, and witch what The Trading Pit has to offer, they can be considered among the best in the space. Furthermore, traders have the luxury to choose between trading forex or a combination of both forex and futures.

Top of Form

If you are used to using scalping strategies, hedging strategies, expert advisors, or copy trading, then The Trading Pit could be a great option for you. The Trading Pit is probably one of the only prop firms that offer many trading platforms for traders to choose from.

Bottom of Form

In its latest growth funding round, The Trading Pit (TTP) has successfully raised €10 million, a significant achievement that TTP takes pride in. Within the next 18 months, a global system of up to 30 major trading platforms and service providers will be featured as part of The Trading Pit’s proprietary trading infrastructure which we believe will help TTP becoming a leader in the industry. 

With TheTradingPit, traders can request a withdrawal once they reach funded status and hit their first 8% or 10% profit target, which will enable them to receive a payout, as well as account scaling. They have no time limitations on the profit targets once an individual becomes funded. Traders are entitled to 60% up to 80% profit splits, depending on the account size that they are funded with and the level of scaling they have achieved.

  • Multiple tradable assets
  • Reasonable prices for trading both Forex and futures
  • Live webinars, guides, individual mentorship, and other qualification improvement methods.
  • Simple trading rules
  • Instant payouts
  • Multiple trading platforms
  • No recurring fees
  • Low initial profit splits
  • No free trial
  • Customer service could be improved
  • High qualification requirements in challenges for professional traders.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, The Trading Pit’s extensive trading tools and flexible funding options make it an ideal choice. They offer a one-step challenge program with excellent conditions for a big pool of individuals with unique trading styles.

While The Trading Pit doesn’t offer unlimited financial instruments, keep an eye on this expanding firm as it plans to add stock and crypto trading shortly. The Trading Pit is poised for continued growth and success by branching into new global markets.

In summary, The Trading Pit is an excellent choice for those seeking to enhance their trading abilities and boost their financial gains in the forex and futures markets.

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After reaching the profit target and completing the minimum trading days, a new option will show up at the bottom left of your Dashboard, “Request Upgrade”. After clicking this, our team will start the upgrade process. Please note this may take from 1-3 working days, and you will be kept fully updated via email.

The Trading Pit Review

If you are using a mobile device, you will have to click on the Menu button (three horizontal lines) and scroll down.

The Trading Pit Review

The Trading Pit Review

During the Scaling Plan, we do not offer the option to ‘Reset’ since at this stage we either generate profits or incur losses depending on your performance. Any losses in the Scaling Plan are fully absorbed by us.

During demo trading, the following is prohibited:

  • Knowingly or unknowingly use trading strategies to exploit errors in the Services, such as errors in displaying prices or delays in updating them.

  • Conducting business with an external or slow data feed.

  • Acting alone or in concert with others, including between linked accounts or accounts maintained at different companies in our group, to engage in transactions or combinations of transactions designed to manipulate trading, such as by taking opposing positions at the same time.



At The Trading Pit, we are committed to promoting safe and responsible trading. This Gambling Policy is written clearly and is designed to be accessible to all traders, ensuring that everyone is informed and guided appropriately. The primary purpose of this policy is to establish responsible trading practices and discourage actions resembling excessive risk-taking and gambling behaviours.

Quick Profits Warning

We alert our traders to the risk of chasing fast earnings. Such actions can be risky. We emphasize a focus on gradual, consistent profit-building to maintain the safety of our traders and the stability of the company.

Definition of Gambling Behaviour

“Gambling” is the term we use for actions that violate this policy. All traders should exhibit a disciplined and well-calculated approach, steering clear of overly risky behaviours.

Forbidden Gambling Practices in Trading


Step-by-Step Request Process

  1. Reach the profit target on your Earning account.

  2. Click on Request Withdrawal via your Dashboard.

  3. Ensure you have completed your KYC and uploaded your preferred payout method in your Client Area.

If your KYC is approved (not only submitted) and you request a payout by Monday, you will be paid out the upcoming Friday.

If your KYC is not yet approved by Tuesday morning, then your payout will be executed the following Friday.

The Trading Pit pays out every Friday and the processing time is as per below:

  • Crypto Transfer: Within the Day

  • International Wire/SWIFT: up to 5-7 business days

  • SEPA Transfer: up to 1-3 business days

These transfer times are only estimates and may be impacted by additional reviews or requests for information at the discretion of the payment providers or the Finance & Compliance Team. Most payment providers, especially banks, do not process payments on weekends and public holidays.


For Crypto payouts, please make sure to select the correct network type of the crypto you are requesting payment for; otherwise, funds may be sent to the wrong address. Crypto transactions cannot be reversed or cancelled once sent due to the irreversible nature of blockchain transfers.

Crypto wallet address tend to change once every 2-3 months please make sure to check it and upload the new one in your Client Area.


After successfully reaching your profit target and flattening all your positions, your demo account will be disabled.

You will then have to log in to your Dashboard and request an upgrade as per the Screenshot below.

The Trading Pit ReviewClick on “Request Upgrade” from the bottom left corner of your Dashboard.

Our team will review the demo account and you will be upgraded within 24 hours.


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