payout policy

TakeProfitTrader’s outstanding payout policy has established a new standard for how soon traders receive payouts upon becoming eligible for funding. Their same-day payouts, alongside unmatched flexibility, the ability to manage three accounts at once and absence of any scaling rules all demonstrate the firm’s emphasis on efficiency. Traders can trade and withdraw their profits quickly and easily and TakeProfitTrader have also removed the activation fee, making it all the more financially rewarding.

Τhe firm are clear about their advantages:

Take Profit Trader Is a ONE Step, No Nonsense Funding Company. We have developed a system and process that allows you to reach your full potential as a Trader. Our platform has no frills or gimmicks and streamlines the journey to sustainable profits allowing you to withdraw from day one of your PRO account.

It’s no secret, trading is hard. And for some, prop trading may be even harder as it forces you to be disciplined, manage your risk, and adhere to strict profit taking. That’s why we don’t think you should have to wait days, weeks, or even months to get the profit you already earned.

Instead here at TPT, when you make it on day one you can take it on day one. There are no withdrawal restrictions on your profits above the buffer. No minimum amount of profitable days you need to trade, no maximum amount you can withdraw, and no waiting for some random ‘payout window’.”

It’s hard to disagree. We believe that the firm’s payout policy sets it apart from the competition; you’ll have a difficult time finding another prop trading company that allows you to get rewards this fast. To put it simply, the best option for traders wishing to receive their earnings fast and with minimal bother is Take Profit Trader.

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