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Purdia Capital is a relatively new proprietary trading firm, set up in 2022, whose appealing and innovative approach to providing qualified traders with funded futures trading accounts has already set them apart.

Traders without much experience in the industry will benefit from the firm’s free resets for beginner accounts, which alleviate worries about reset fees and enable traders to get to grips with things at their own pace.

Purdia Capital also distinguish themselves when it comes to providing for traders who are better versed in futures trading, offering weekly payouts, no consistency rule, dedicated risk managers and genuine live funded accounts. Another great feature is the firm’s partnership with Tradovate as their broker, who provide genuine third-party liquidity.

This detailed review will take you through everything you need to know about Purdia Capital and what they have to offer traders of all backgrounds, from newcomers seeking an encouraging environment in which to start out, through to professionals looking to further their careers.

There are three key elements to Purdia Capital: free resets for starter accounts, a daily loss limit, and inclusion of a dedicated risk manager, who assists you in analysing your performance and discussing you trading strategies. Traders who showcase proficiency in a live account can enjoy weekly payouts, without the constraints of minimum trading days or a consistency rule, underscoring the firm’s commitment to helping their traders. Notably, the Live Funded Accounts are genuine live accounts funded with the firm’s capital, which means the firm has a vested interest in the success of their traders.

Purdia Capital has cultivated a realistic trading environment in which success is attainable, with rules designed to help traders rather than impede their progress.

Purdia Capital’s evaluation phase requires traders to showcase their trading consistency. Those who pass proceed to the funding process, in which they trade with a simulated live account for a short time and then transition to a Live Funded Account. The evaluations are thoughtfully crafted to cater to traders at all levels. There are three basic account sizes with one-step programs: $25,000, $50,000 and $100,000.

The Fast Track program is designed for traders with a reasonable amount of experience. As you need to successfully complete this within 15 days, it isn’t recommended for traders setting out in the industry for the first time.

A daily loss limit guarantees that no account losses surpass this predetermined threshold.

Examining Purdia Capital’s Beginner Evaluation reveals it to be the ideal choice for those new to the prop trading industry. The firm offers reasonably priced beginner accounts with free resets, a feature which really sets Purdia apart from its competition. While the beginner accounts have more stringent risk parameters than other firms’ evaluation options, the environment is a more lenient on for novices to get to grips with futures trading.

The beginner assessment comprises two phases, with free resets in the first one. To cultivate responsible risk management and facilitate the consistent growth of their accounts, the firm recommends that users trade small quantities of micro futures contracts to begin with. Importantly, exceeding the daily loss limit only leads to a temporary pause on your trading account (for the rest of the day). It doesn’t pose a long-term threat to your account, so you can trade with relative peace of mind.

Beginner accounts are either $10,000 or $25,000. For traders without much experience in futures trading, we recommend these accounts as the optimal choice. The firm’s offer of free resets can’t, as far as we know, found anywhere else in the industry.

Purdia Capital’s rules are transparent and easy to grasp avoid reaching the maximum drawdown, and trade for a minimum of five days each week to achieve the profit target. There are no consistency requirements, and trading during news events is allowed

These rules are carefully set up to aid traders in achieving substantial and long-term account growth.

The Evaluation Rules

  • Meet the profit target
  • Stick to the specified risk boundaries
  • Don’t breach the maximum allowable drawdown

The Evaluation Benefits

  • Fast one-stage assessment
  • No consistency requirement
  • Trading during news events is allowed
  • Traders are given the independence to set their own daily loss thresholds
  • Wealth of educational and training resources

The Funded Rules 

Purdia Capital give funded traders significant flexibility, with only two rules:

  1. Don’t breach the maximum drawdown threshold.
  2. Trade for a minimum of 10 days before requesting your first payout.

Purdia Capital’s framework provides a whole raft of benefits that help their traders succeed:


Once you have traded for 10 days, you qualify for weekly payouts of as much as $25,000. After these initial 10 days, there is no minimum trading day requirement for payouts, nor any consistency rule.

Profit Split

The profit share starts at 70% and rises to 90% as you grow your account and demonstrate consistency and capable risk management.


Accumulating capital enables traders to trade more contracts. As Purdia Capital funds its traders with real capital, live traders need to comply with Tradovate margin requirements. As the account grows, traders will progressively unlock the margin, so they can trade an increasing number of contracts.

Live Account

Traders use a simulated funded account to start with, and transition to a live trading account after completing 10 days and meeting the account’s profit target. The profits you earn in the simulated account belong to you, and are carried over into your live funded account, albeit capped at the amount of the profit target.

Trade the News

Trading during news events is allowed, although live funded traders will see substantial changes in margin requirements around significant economic news releases.


Purdia Capital charges a one-off activation fee of $130, after which there are no further monthly fees for funded traders. The activation fee is paid when you pass the evaluation.

More benefits

  • Divide the funded account into two separate accounts to reduce risk
  • Design your own risk parameters
  • Discuss your performance and strategies with a dedicated risk manager
  • Join Purdia’s Professional group

The Trailing Max Drawdown Explained

The Trailing Maximum Drawdown (TMD) establishes a lower limit for your account balance, adjusting with your profits in both evaluation and funded accounts. It serves two primary purposes: constraining the maximum allowable risk in an account and incentivising traders to secure their profits, preventing large losses to the markets.

Consider the $100,000 Fast Track account, where the maximum drawdown is $3,000, establishing an initial minimum account balance of $97,000. Suppose you generate $1,000 in profits on the initial day; as a result, your account balance rises to $101,000. Consequently, the minimum account balance increases to $98,000. This $98,000 minimum balance remains constant until your cumulative profits in the account exceed $1,000. The TMD only rises as your overall profits increase and does not decrease in response to losses.

Traders should note that open equity losses are considered in the calculation when determining if the account has violated this rule. Therefore, if an open position leads to a drop in your account balance below the minimum required, the rule will be deemed to have been breached.

When is the TMD Calculated?

The TMD is computed at the end of each trading day for both Beginner and End of Day (EOD) Evaluations. In other words, the TMD is updated daily, based on your cumulative realised profits within the account. For these specific accounts, adjustments to the minimum account balance take place only at the close the trading day.

In contrast, the TMD for Standard and Fast Track Evaluations is calculated intraday, meaning the TMD monitors your open equity, including unrealised gains from active trades. This form of TMD always tracks the peak of your unrealised gains within the account.

When Does the TMD Stop Trailing?

Across all evaluation accounts, the TMD trails your highest level of gains, even once you pass the breakeven point. An initial maximum drawdown will always stay at $3,000 below the maximum account balance. For all funded accounts, the TMD discontinues its tracking once the account reaches a balance of $100 more than the breakeven point.

Why They Do It This Way?

The TMD safeguards both Purdia Capital and their traders.

Its primary goal is to incentivise traders to develop strong risk management abilities (at the same time as growing their accounts), by restraining potential trader losses and reducing the risk of surrendering profits to the markets.

The TMD also protects the prop firm by imposing a set maximum risk threshold that adjusts based on trader performance.

Purdia Capital’s key objective it to support traders who can consistently trade profitably. Mastering risk management, including appropriate trade sizing, strategic placement, adhering to stop-loss orders, and not overtrading, is fundamental to this. It’s important to note that the firm does not anticipate traders reaching the TMD while trading, but instead wants traders to keep it mind, adjusting their trade sizes to accommodate their positions.

Purdia Capital partners with industry-leading trading platforms, including Tradovate, TradingView, and NinjaTrader.

All Purdia Capital funded accounts initially offer traders a 70% profit share. While this may seem low in comparison to the profit split offered by some of their competitors, Purdia Capital strive to distinguish themselves from such firms whose strategies rely on the failure of their traders. Instead, Purdia’s business model is focused on supporting their traders in the long-term.

Traders need to trade for at least ten days with a funded account before they can request their first payout. They can then request payouts on a weekly basis, with an $100 minimum payout and a cap of $25,000. There are no profit or trading requirements that traders need to achieve to request a payout, and you have the freedom to withdraw any percentage of the profits you generate. Payouts are processed every Friday. The prop firm supports a range of payment methods, including ACH, International Bank Transfer, PayPal, and Cryptocurrencies.

  • Opportunities for traders with limited capital and experience to secure funding
  • Complimentary resets for Beginner Evaluations
  • Payouts are processed via Deel, proving more than 15 payout methods (which benefits traders resident outside the US in particular)
  • One-off activation fee of $130; no recurring monthly fees
  • Funded traders receive genuine live accounts, funded with real capital
  • All trades in Live Funded Accounts go through a regulated broker (Tradovate) to a live exchange, where they are executed with genuine third-party liquidity from the market.
  • The firm is a fairly new addition to the prop trading industry, without a long history
  • Comparably low 70% profit share
  • Focused exclusively on futures trading

Purdia Capital entered the prop trading industry with a distinct mission: a dedication to prioritising the interests of its traders. For new traders and seasoned professionals alike, Purdia Capital is definitely a firm worthy of consideration.

The firm’s innovative approach distinguishes it from its competitors. They refrain from punishing traders for their errors with reset fees, instead viewing mistakes as a valuable learning tool. Active engagement with their traders gives the firm an avenue through which to understand traders’ outlook and take on board any feedback. Purdia have managed to foster a fully collaborative space in which traders help each other to succeed. Their unique revenue model, deriving more income from successful traders than struggling ones, is a pioneering concept in the online funding industry.

Purdia Capital’s supportive trading environment is ideal for all traders, irrespective of how much experience they have. Their focus on offering beginners the necessary time, space and resources for effective learning, and empowering experienced traders to hone their skills, positions Purdia Capital as an industry-leader in the world of online futures prop trading.

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We support futures trading only. To see a full list of tradable products, click here.

Traders must close all open positions by 3:45pm CT each weekday. For more information, click here.

Traders are permitted to trade a maximum of two (2) evaluations at a time, and up to one (1) funded account at a time. Any additional evaluations passed while the trader already has a funded account will be placed on hold in case the funded account is closed or lost.

Because we permit traders to scale within their funded account, there is no need to pass multiple evaluations. Details on the scaling plan can be found here.

You must trade for a minimum of ten days in a funded account in order to request a payout, and always keep your balance above the max drawdown.

Click Here to read the full list of rules for the funded accounts.

The Trailing Maximum Drawdown (TMD) is a minimum account balance that trails with your profits during the evaluation phase. If your account balance drops below the TMD at any time, your evaluation will be failed.

In the Standard and Fast Track Evaluations, the TMD trails intraday, including on unrealized gains in open trades. In the EOD and Beginner Evaluations, the TMD trails at the end of the trading day, based on the account’s final balance for that day.

For more details, please see this page.

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