Phidias Propfirm Review 2024

Phidias Propfirm is a new player entering the world of futures proprietary trading. Built by two french professional traders, the french prop firm offers a simple approach to futures traders from around the world with simple one-step evaluation process which makes it a popular choice among day traders. The futures prop firm aims to assist aspiring funded traders to thrive in the futures market by providing data feeds and educational content. Unlike others in the industry, Phidias Propfirm aims to offer trading conditions without hiden fees or restrictions, allowing traders the chance to prove their trading skills in a safe environement in order to achieve the profit target, pass the evaluation and eventually earn a funded account.

The proprietary firm offers various accounts suitable for different trading styles. Swing traders are welcome, with the ability to hold positions overnight and over the weekend. For informed risk management, Phidias Propfirm has put together a trailing drawdown calculated at the end of the day to give traders a complete peace of mind in the conquest to trading success.

This Phidias Propfirm review will delve into the specifics of the services, highlighting their evaluation programs, rule sets, trading platforms, and more.

  1. Choose your Account
       Select your account size (Fundamental ou Swing 50K / 100K)
  2. Take the Evaluation
       Follow the rules and pass the challenge
  3. Score a Live Funded Account
       Receive your funded futures trading account and start your career as a prop trader

Choose Your Account and Evaluation: Pick an account size and evaluation that matches your goals and trading style. (Note: This selection doesn’t apply to the Master account.)

Subscription for Success: A recurring monthly fee covers access to valuable data feeds, tools, and services designed to help you achieve your trading goals. This fee continues until your account is validated or canceled.

Start Your Evaluation: Once registered and subscribed, you’ll receive an automatic email with your Rithmic credentials. Start your challenge using any trading platform compatible with Rithmic data feeds. This is your first step towards live funded trading!

Hit Your Targets, Respect the Rules: Your primary objective is to generate profit while adhering to the trading rules. Pay close attention to your maximum authorized loss, as this is crucial for success.

Second Chances: If you accidentally break a rule during the evaluation, don’t fret! You can either purchase a reset to restart immediately or wait 30 days for an automatic reset (applicable only if the assessment fails).

Unlock Live Funded Trading: Upon successfully completing your evaluation (minimum of 7 trading days), you’ll qualify for a Phidias-CASH account, allowing you to trade with real capital. The prop firm will automatically audit your account within 24-72 business hours, so no need to contact support.

Phidias offers two different evaluation models, each tailored to suit various trading styles, trading objectives and financial situations, rewarding funded traders based on their performance. These accounts include the Fundamental Account (tailored for beginners) and the Swing Account (designed for swing seasonal traders).

The Fundamental and the Swing acounts offer similar account sizes of $50,000 and $100,000. The profit target needed to pass the evaluation and access funding varies based on the account sizes. Unlike its competitors, Phidias Propfirm does not impose a daily loss limits; instead, there’s a maximum trailing End of Day (EOD) drawdown of 5% across the various account sizes. The 5% Drawdown is only applicable on the $50,000 and the $100,000 accounts. Note, the trailing drawdown is therefore calculated at the end of the day in relation to your highest or lowest Pnl at the close of the trading day. Additionally, in order to pass the evaluation and eventually score a funded acocunt you would need to trade for a minimum of 7 days.

The futures prop firm also offers a prestigious account called the Master Account (designed for professionals) which represents the pinnacle in terms of account size and exclusivity. This Master account has a capital of one million US dollars, making it the highest account within company. It is exclusively reserved for their most sophisticated traders. The Master account is much more than just a simple funded account, it is a real account that opens the doors to the CME, CBOT, COMEX, NYMEX, and also offers the opportunity to explore other world-renowned exchanges such as Eurex, among others.

Furthermore, the firm provides privileged access to futures options, allowing Phidias Propfirm traders to further diversify their trading strategies and take advantage of varied opportunities and manage their own hedging. However, due to the importance of its buying power and its unique opportunities, the Master account is governed by specific and strict rules. It is reserved exclusively for the elite traders, those who have demonstrated exceptional performance of the financial markets and remarkable mastery of risk management.

Phidias Propfirm’s commitment to fee transparency is unparalleled. Unlike others, you won’t find hidden charges or surprise costs. A simple breakdown (see the table below) shows how monthly fees vary based on the account size and evaluation model.

Account Type

Monthly Fee (EUR)

Account Size (USD)

Max Intraday Contracts

Profit Target (USD)

Max Drawdown (USD)

Reset Fee (EUR)

Fundamental ($100k)



14 (140 micros)




Fundamental ($50k)



10 (100 micros)




Swing ($50k)



10 (100 micros)




Swing ($100k)



14 (140 micros)




Master ($1M)



50 (500 micros)




Additional Details:

  • All accounts use Rithmic datafeed.
  • Automatic renewal every 30 days.
  • 7 trading days minimum to switch to a funded account.
  • Instant setup.
  • 10K Drawdown Challenge ($10k account) – separate pricing with details not available yet.


  • This table excludes the 10K Drawdown Challenge due to missing pricing details.
  • Refer to Phidias Propfirm for full details and any restrictions that may apply.

During the evaluation phase at Phidias Propfirm, the futures prop trading firm carefully monitors your performance and apply risk management mechanisms to help you succeed as a trader. This is how they manage authorized drawdown and trailing end of day strategies which are designed to give you the best possible trading experience.

Allowed Drawdown Management: your allowed drawdown is calculated at the end of each trading day, and this calculation doesn’t change throughout the trading day. However, if your balance reaches and exceeds the value of your drawdown limit, your account will by breached. You can track your results at any time using your Phidias trading dashboard on Rtrader Pro. When your account balance reaches a new profit peak at the end of the day, the drawdown is calculated only taking into account the profits made at that time, excluding any unrealized profits that you could have made at all throughout the trading day.

Trailing End of Day: Trailing end of day protects your profits. As your capital grows, this feature automatically adjusts your stop-loss to lock in profits. The daily stop-loss level is adjusted at the end of each trading session, which ends at 22:00 UTC+2. For instance, if your starting capital is $ 50,000, you will be entitled to a stop-loss of $ 2,500 for the day. You will not be able to exceed $ 47,500 in capital, otherwise you will be liquidated. If you end the day at +$ 500 in profit, your stop-loss will automatically be adjusted to -$ 2,500 from your new balance at the end of the day, bringing your liquidation price to $ 48,000 instead of $ 47,500. Furthermore, if your profits continue to climb the next day, the stop-loss automatically adjusts again, giving you even more protection.

Please note: Your liquidation price remains fixed for the day if your liquidation amount is at $ 47,500 at the start of the day. Regardless of the gains made during this day, you will only be liquidated when your capital reaches this limit of $ 47,500. For instance, if you start your day with $ 50,000 in capital and your account liquidation value is at $ 47,500, even if you make $ 1,000 in profit in the morning, your EOD stop loss for the day will remain set at $ 47,500. This entitles you to a maximum loss of $ 3,500 for the rest of the day.

Phidias Propfirm has put these mechanisms in place to help you manage risk while providing an opportunity to grow as a funded trader.

Here’s a breakdown of key Phidias Propfirm trading rules for account holders:

Holding Positions Overnight and Over-Weekend

  • Fundamental Accounts: All positions must be closed by the end of the trading day (daily). Holding positions overnight or over the weekend is not allowed. Failure to close a position by market close will result in disqualification.
  • Swing and Master Accounts: You can hold positions overnight and over the weekend (with a specific lot size based on your account size).

Trading Hours (Fundamental Accounts Only)

  • Trading is restricted to specific hours (UTC time) for Fundamental accounts. Swing accounts are not subject to these limitations. You can find the exact hours on the CME Globex website (

Trading During Economic News Events

  • Evaluation Period: You are allowed to trade during news events during your evaluation.
  • Funded Accounts (Phidias-CASH & Master): Trading is prohibited in the minute before and after specific high-impact economic news releases, including:
    • Oil Inventories (Oil Stocks)
    • Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP)
    • Consumer Price Index (CPI)
    • Producer Price Index (PPI)
    • Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) Meetings
  • This rule aims to help manage risk during periods of increased volatility associated with major economic announcements.

Trading Commissions

  • The amount of commissions charged per asset is accessible through your RITHMIC trader pro interface. Right-click on your account, select the “Risk Management” tab, and you’ll find commission details for all available products.

Number of Accounts and Copy Trading

  • Maximum allowed accounts per tax household/business/internet connection: 20 funded accounts + 1 Master account + 1 Full Margin 10K account
  • Copy trading using third-party platforms is allowed, but within the account limits.
  • Phidias Propfirm is not responsible for issues with third-party platforms.

General Trading Rules

  • Apply a defined and well-disciplined trading system with clear entry/exit rules.
  • Maintain consistency in position sizes, trading days, and risk management.
  • Avoid erratic trading or “re-stacking” contracts to reach specific goals.
  • No automated trading or high-frequency trading (HFT) allowed.
  • Refrain from seeking exceptional trades or excessive risk-taking.
  • Don’t base trades on economic news announcements.
  • Treat staff, partners, and other traders with respect and professionalism.
  • Maintain a minimum balance of $20,000 in your Master account for withdrawals.
  • Trade the highest volume and most recent contract for your chosen instrument.
  • Spread trading between different maturities of the same product is prohibited.

Master Account Specifics

  • Account size: $1 million USD
  • Maximum drawdown: $50,000 (EOD)
  • No minimum or maximum trading days to validate the account
  • No limits on withdrawal amount from day + 1 after funding
  • No minimum trading day requirement for withdrawal requests
  • Scalable profit split up to 90% for the trader
  • Position size limit: Up to 50 E-mini intraday contracts (500 micros)
  • EOD drawdown trailing evaluated daily. Account closure occurs if losses reach $50,000.
  • Options trading on futures contracts with long positions allowed.
  • Ability to sell options unlocked when profits exceed $200,000.
  • Specific exchange fees may apply.
  • No resets available for Master accounts.
  • Regularity, Consistency, and Coherence Policy applies (excluding news trading).

10K Drawdown Challenge Account

  • Accessible only through participation in the 10K Drawdown challenge.
  • One-month challenge with a €19 registration fee.
  • Account size: $10,000 USD
  • Maximum drawdown: $10,000 (EOD)
  • Position size: Up to 25 E-mini contracts intraday
  • Over-night/Over-week positions allowed up to 5 E-mini contracts
  • Multiple registrations allowed to increase success chances.
  • Challenge entries close 5 days before the end date.
  • Check the 10K DRAWDOWN page for start dates.
  • Challenge winner receives a real 10K DRAWDOWN CASH account.
  • Ranking system based on best performing trading account (only one per trader counts).
  • Various discount codes awarded to participants based on ranking.

Additional Notes

  • All subscriptions are final with no refunds.
  • Phidias Propfirm disclaims all warranties or representations regarding service availability or information provided.
  • You are solely responsible for any damages arising from your use of the service.

Phidias Propfirm understands the importance of your financial freedom. Here’s how payouts work with your Phidias-CASH account: 

Minimum Withdrawal: you can request a withdrawal after a period of 10 trading days if your account balance meets or surpasses the minimum threshold of $1,000. Withdrawal requests must be made between the 20th and 25th of each month for payment at the end of the month.

Account minimums: Account minimum thresholds vary based on the size of your account. Find below the current minimum thresholds:

– $50,000 account – 52 600 $ (2600$)

– $100,000 account – 103 700 $ (3700$)

– 1,000,000 Master Account (See specific Master Account rules in section 16. Master Account rules)

– 10K DRAWDOWN account (see specific 10K DRAWDOWN account rules in section 18.10K DRAWDOWN account rules)

If your balance falls below the account’s minimum threshold, this is not in itself a fault, but you will have to reach the account’s minimum threshold again before you can make a withdrawal request.

Fees & Requirements

-Withdrawal Fees:

  • First 3 Months: 20% commission on withdrawals.
  • After 3 Months: 10% commission on withdrawals.

-Minimum Trading Activity:

  • You must complete a minimum of 10 separate trading days between each withdrawal request in the first 3 months.
  • Our system considers a day complete after the market closes.

-Minimum Withdrawal Amounts & Frequency:

  • First 3 Months:
    • Minimum withdrawal: $1,000
    • Minimum account balance after withdrawal must be maintained.
    • Maximum withdrawal limits apply (see below).
    • You can request a withdrawal once per month.
  • After 3 Months:
    • No minimum withdrawal amount.
    • No maximum withdrawal limit (as long as minimum balance is maintained).

-Maximum Withdrawal Limits (First 3 Months):

  • $50,000 Account: Maximum withdrawal of $2,000 per month.
  • $100,000 Account: Maximum withdrawal of $2,500 per month.
  • Multiple Accounts: You can withdraw the maximum from each account per month.

-Important Notes:

  • These withdrawal rules are strictly enforced and cannot be overridden.
  • You are responsible for any taxes associated with your Phidias Propfirm income.
  • Phidias Propfirm cannot provide tax advice.
  • Payment options include PayPal, bank transfer, and ACH (default).

Phidias Propfirm has a strict no-refund policy for all subscriptions. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • Automatic renewals: Subscriptions automatically renew at the end of the term unless you cancel beforehand.
  • No refunds for any reason: Once you purchase a subscription, there are no refunds, even partially. This includes situations where you:
    • Decide not to use the service
    • Believe the service did not meet your expectations
    • Want to return “intellectual property” provided with the subscription
  • Chargebacks and disputes: If you initiate a chargeback or payment dispute, Phidias Propfirm will:
    • Deactivate your membership immediately
    • Permanently ban your username
    • Refund any future purchases you make
  • Disclaimer: Phidias Propfirm disclaims all warranties and representations regarding the service’s availability, operation, or the information provided. You use the service at your own risk.
  • Liability: Phidias Propfirm will not be held liable for any damages arising from your use of the service.

Phidias Propfirm is a legitimate private trading company that holds ownership of trading accounts to trade futures with a regulated broker-dealer. No other assets are being offered or traded and therefore, it does not require regulation or licensing by financial regulators to operate. Phidias Propfirm traders are compensated based on trading account performance, and the company assumes the risks associated with these activities. Additionally, Phidias partners with renowed trading platforms which are financial technology companies with rules and regulations governing the protection of users’ data and funds.

The Phidias Futures prop firm offers several trading platfrom to accommodate all type of traders with diverse preferences and requirements. The available options include Bookmap, Quantower, Atas, and Sierra Chart. Bookmap is a top choice for beginners and seasoned futures traders, thanks to its flexibility, compatibility, user-friendly interface and a host of powerful tools.

Note that Phidias accounts cannot be connected to the NinjaTrader trading platform. NinjaTrader will no longer offer services to new prop firms. Therefore, until after summer 2024,  Phidias will only offer services to the exisitng platforms. NinjaTrader is in the process of creating its own prop firm provider environment. All platforms except NinjaTrader that support Rithmic feeds can be used with your Phidias Propfirm accounts (Sierra Chart, Quantower, Atas, Bookmap, etc.) The prop firm can help you set up the trading platforms, and more specifically Sierra Chart, which they master very well with the members of the Phidias support team.

Phidias Propfirm provides traders with a wide range of futures contracts, these include popular options such as E-mini S&P 500 (ES), Nikkei (NKD), E-mini Nasdaq 100 (NQ), Mini-DOW (YM), Micro E-mini S&P 500 (MES) and Euro FX (6E). The prop firm also offers a diversity of futures trading contracts across these exchanges from energy, metals, treasury bonds, forex and cryptocurrency futures. This wide selection of tradeable assets enhances flexibility in the choice for beginners and seasonal futures traders. 

Stock Indices
E-mini S&P 500 (ES)
Nikkei NKD (NKD)
E-mini NASDAQ 100 (NQ)
Mini-DOW (YM)
Russell 2000 (RTY)
Micro E-Mini S&P 500 (MES)
Micro E-Mini Dow Jones (MYM)
Micro E-Mini Nasdaq-100 (MNQ)
Micro E-Mini Russel 2000 (M2K)

Interest Rate Futures
Eurodollar (GE)
2 year note(ZT)
5 year note (ZF)
10 year note (ZN)
30-year bond (ZB)
Ultra-t-Bond (UB)

Future Currencies and Cryptocurrencies
$ australian (6A)
Livre sterling (6B)
$ canadians (6C)
Euro FX (6E)
Japanese Yen (6J)
New Zealand Dollar (6N)
Bitcoin Micro Futures (MBT)
Ethereum Micro Futures (MET)

Lean pigs (HE)                                           
Live cattle (LE)
Feeder cattle (GF)
Corn (ZC)
Wheat (ZW)
Soy (ZS)

Crude oil (CL)
Crude oil E-mini (QM)
Natural gas (GN)
E-mini Natural gas (QG)
Fuel oil (HO)
Port of New York (RB)
Crude micro oil (MCL)

Gold (GC)
Silver (SI)
Copper (HG)
Micro-Gold (MGC)

During the evaluation phase, non-professional traders receive complimentary access to top-of-book data for the CME.

Market Depth Options

For more in-depth market analysis, you can purchase market depth data for the following exchanges:

  • CBOT
  • CME

There are two options available:

  • Individual Exchange: Purchase market depth for a single exchange at €12 per month.
  • All Exchanges Bundle: Gain access to market depth for all four exchanges for a discounted price of €35 per month.

Both options can be purchased through the dedicated section in your member area.

Rithmic Market Depth Add-on (Optional)

If you already subscribe to Rithmic data through a separate provider, you may be able to activate market depth as an add-on module directly within their platform.  Please note, pricing for Rithmic add-ons may vary. Consult your Rithmic provider for details.

Additional Notes:

  • Consider your trading needs when choosing between individual exchange purchases or the bundle.
  • If you’re unsure about Rithmic compatibility or pricing, contact your Rithmic provider directly.

If you want a specific product that is not available, feel free to contact Phidias Propfirm

  • Lucrative profit split of up to 90/10
  • Offers swing trading accounts
  • Ability to manage up to 22 live funded accounts
  • Straightforward 1-Step evaluations with relaxed rules, including no intraday drawdown
  • Transparent pricing, including activation and reset fees — unlike others, there are no hidden fees
  • 24/7 and efficient customer support via multiple channels
  • Access to a wide range of futures tradable assets
  • Over-night & Weekend positions allowed for Swing & Master accounts
  • Trading the news is allowed
  • Copy trading allowed
  • Low all-in costs for traders
  • Offering future only
  • Recurring monthly fee
  • Does not offer educational contents
  • Minimum of 7 trading days

Phidias Propfirm is a new player in the futures trading prop industry and is worth considering if you’re a beginner or a seasonal futures trader seeking to access capital to achieve financial independence in the futures market. The prop firm offers impressive features, including the 1-Step evaluation with no intraday drawdown and a minimum of 7 trading days, which makes it an attractive choice for all aspiring funded futures traders. Phidias Propfirm also offers a generous profit share of up to 90%, enabling traders to retain a considerable amount of hard earned profit and enhancing overall user experience. 

Its honest commitment to competitive pricing and evaluation program transparency will undoubtly help build trust within its trading community. Therefore, we believe Phidias Propfirm is well-positioned to become a major player in the increasingly competitive world futures proprietary trading.

Visit our list of the Best Futures Prop Firms for more information about the leaders of the industry.

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