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BluSky Trading Company is an up-and-coming proprietary trading firm with a modest evaluation process that can be completed relatively quickly. Traders are given funding in as short as 8 days as opposed to 10 days required by other proprietary firms. Withdrawals can be processed every day, with no minimum on the number of trading days. The corporate structure is based on giving capital and retaining lucrative traders.

During the evaluation process, traders need to meet three criteria before getting a funded account. Users must trade for a minimum of eight trade days, whilst ensuring they are meeting profit targets. Lastly, this must be consistent across the eight trading days. Each evaluation account provides traders with a complimentary NinjaTrader license and digital mentoring service. Traders are also permitted to trade the news during the review period.

Traders have the option to choose from four different BluSky Trading Evaluation Programs:

  • Advanced $25K
  • Premium $50k
  • Premium+ $100K
  • Static Growth $150K

1. One-Step Evaluation

 After evaluation (Earning phase)

 2A. BluLive

2B. Brokerage Account

Payouts: Not yet

Account Type: Simulated

Trade your new simulation account with their free software (or your own).

Follow the rules and reach the goals+. If you need more than 30 days, just let your subscription renew. 

Join their community and discuss your trading success and struggles with other traders, while you trade every day.

Fees: None

Payouts: Yes (at target balance when moving to brokerage)

Account Type: Simulated

If you pass your evaluation, you’ve now entered into BluLive simulated account. There is no setup/assignment fee. The simulated profits accrued in BluLive will be matched in your funded balance.

Trade your BluLive sim account until you reach the account’s expected balance and then the prop firm moves you to the brokerage.

Don’t forget you can now request FREE 1-on-1 coaching. Do so from a support request.

Please be sure to read more about BluLive

Fees: Data fees only

Payouts: Yes, Mon-Fri

Account Type: Live Brokerage Account

If you reach the target balance in BluLive, the prop firm will set you up in a live brokerage account. They’ll send you the paperwork to for the live brokerage account and pre-fund it with your accrued BluLive earnings (less any payout). 

Now just stay above your minimum balance. The prop firm suggests building a buffer and requesting a payout weekly, but you can decide what works for you.

Continue working with their coaches to improve your habits.

One of the most important things to consider is in the duration of one trading day, total profits must not exceed 30% of the traders completed evaluation process balance. If it does, traders will need to reach the next evaluation level in order to decrease the profits from one trading day.

To avoid failing the evaluation process, traders must not:

  • Fall below the daily loss limit in. single trading day
  • Fall below the minimum trailing balance

Once the evaluation process has been successfully completed, traders will benefit from the following:

  • $0 Monthly Data Fees
  • No minimum trading days
  • Ability to withdraw daily via ACH, PayPal, Coinbase, Binance etc.
  • A one-time $85 Setup Fee
  • 80% – 90% Profit

BluLive is one of the few proprietary firms that makes the transition from completion of evaluation to a funded account easier as a result of the recently established starting stage BluLive, It facilitates traders who struggle with transitioning into a funded account.

After completion of the evaluation process, traders will be able to get their results verified immediately, whilst the company will process the traders BluLive account with a fixed (or static) drawdown.

Once a fixed drawdown is achieved, the prop firm will automatically transition traders into a brokerage account.

  • Traders benefit from the following:
  • No $85 assignment fee
  • No daily loss limit
  • Accounts can be created rapidly as there is no coordination with the brokerage
  • Simulated executions permit traders to adapt to the platform quickly and easily

Account Size

Balance when moved to Brokerage

Static Minimum Balance













Account Size

MAX Contract Size


2 Minis / 20 Micros


5 Minis / 50 Micros


7 Minis / 70 Micros


0 Minis / 5 Micros

Overall, traders are only required to trade for a short period of the trading days. With an 8-day evaluation process, the platform aims to improve reliability. At the end of the 30-day subscriptions, the account balance is not reset, meaning that traders can trade at a speed that suits them best.

Once traders have paid the $85 start-up fee, the account will be credited with the respective capital and traders can begin trading.  Everything that traders do on the funded account, takes place on the stock markets and so it is important that funded accounts are treated like real accounts. Withdrawals are limitless and free of charge.

BluSky Trading Company benefits from the profits generated by traders, so the platform encourages them to succeed with their accounts by providing digital mentorship. They encourage communication between traders to discuss strategies and advice where necessary as they believe this is the blueprint in developing their traders’ careers. They are keen to improve the skills of traders and retain them on their platform long-term. Rather than dictating how and when to trade, they aim to enhance trading capabilities by understanding the way the trader thinks. This is very much a mutually beneficial set up and note that their coaches are beneficial to the most experienced traders, but one also has the option to opt out.

Minimum trailing/static balance

Unlike the evaluation, the trailing minimum balance stops moving when you reach your profit target and converts to a static minimum balance for the lifetime of the account.

The minimum trailing balance increases with your highest unrealized balance. It increases with profits, but it does not decrease with losses.

Trading Strategies

Prior to the market closing, all open positions are liquidated 15 minutes before. The system will automatically place a limit on their maximum contracts and any large orders will be declined.

Once a funded account has been successfully obtained, traders are no longer in the risk zone, and they are able to trade freely with few restrictions. In order to keep the account active, traders must trade a minimum of one trading day a month and if not, traders will be issued multiple warnings and eventually charged a fine.

Multiple Accounts

Traders are permitted to have two funded accounts simultaneously. They are however prohibited from placing simultaneous trades in short and long on the same product. It is important to note that this will result in a permanent cancellation of the trader’s account. Traders with the $100k account, they are not allowed to be combined with another account.

Profits and revenue

It’s simple – the more money traders earn, the higher their profits. This is standard across proprietary trading firms, profits are generally between 80-90%, dependent on the size of the funded trading account. If traders have had a successful period of trading, they can negotiate a customised profit share directly with BluSky Trading.

Traders who are successful for a prolonged period can discuss a customised profit share directly with BluSky Trading Company.

Account Lifetime Profit Withdrawals

Percentage of Profit for Trader

0 – $25,000


$25,000 – $50,000





Custom offer

Scaling Plan

The scaling plan prior to traders achieving their profit target is demonstrated in the table below:

 Account Size

 Maximum Contract

 Daily Loss (No longer fails)

Trailing Drawdown


2 minis / 20 micros




5 minis / 50 micros




7 minis / 70 micros




0 minis / 5 micros



Once you have reached your profit goal and the trading day is over, your account will change permanently to static.

If you are trading consistently and need more space the company happily extends your maximum contract size without asking you to begin a new evaluation again (regardless of your initial account size).

For withdrawals, traders simply need to reach their profit goals. There are no minimum number of trading days required for pay-outs. If requests are made before 12:00 PM EST on trading days, payments are made the same day.


Account Size

Minimum Balance after withdrawal









The futures prop firm provides international payment services and support diverse payment methods, including PayPal, and several cryptocurrencies.

BluSky Trading Company supports Tradovate and Rithmic platforms; the former utilises modernised technology specifically designed for futures trading and the latter offers a multi-asset trade execution software. It provides traders with dependable exchange connectivity and fast order routing through the following trading platforms:

 Supported Trading Platforms








Jigsaw Trading

Jigsaw Trading

Sierra Chart




R|Trader Pro

Most other Rithmic Platforms




First step free of charge


Trading the news is not permitted

One-time pro account fee with no monthly recurring fees

Holding overnight positions or weekends is not permitted

Up to 90% profit share


Platform is for futures trading only

Free 1-on-1 funded coaching


Daily withdrawal requests


No minimum days to trade


Daily loss on funded trading account does not fail traders account, it prevents trading on that specific day


To conclude, BluSky Trading Company is a fast-growing futures prop firm with a long-term scaling plan and a profit share of up to 90%. This is common amongst prop firms; They have a one-to-one coaching program that is especially useful for futures funded traders who are looking to develop their insight and trading skills. At BluSky Trading, they do not have restrictive goals and trading rules.

With a low starting fee, the platform is relatively straightforward trading conditions are excellent. News trading and weekend trading is band, but it is the only futures proprietary trading firm that permits funded accounts to request daily withdrawals and payouts.

Please refer to the following pages of our website to read about similar other Futures Prop Firms in the industry: Elite Trader Funding Review

Although our minimum trading days are low (8), don’t feel rushed. You have 30 days before your subscription renews, and when that happens, we won’t reset your balance. You can continue trading at a pace that works best for you.

Trading is hard. Most traders never pass the evaluation. But when they do pass, it’s almost never on the first try.

You can reset any evaluation for $85 at any time, but it will not extend the evaluation renewal date.

A free reset is available on renewal upon request.

There is no setup fee anymore after the eval ($85 saved)!The daily loss limit is removed!The trailing drawdown becomes static when you reach your profit goal!
So now, we quickly create your BluLive account and you trade that until you reach a static drawdown. Your only rule is to not fall below the trailing-to-static drawdown.

Once your account reaches a static drawdown, we send you the final agreements to sign, and we’ll deposit the risk capital into an account at one of our premium brokerages.

Your goal balance transfers over from the evaluation. Remember, this is a real account with real money and real executions. When you take a payout, we make money too. There’s no limit on your payout amounts over your safety buffer.

We are hoping you do well and start payout quickly, because we both share in the payouts.

Trading is hard and it stays that way. If you’d like some extra support, we really encourage our traders to reach out to us for coaching. We’re always interested in hearing about your trading and how you’d like to improve.

Even the most experienced traders can benefit from the perspective of a coach. However, if you don’t feel like coaching is right for you, that’s completely okay too.

Reach out to us via support chat and we’ll schedule a call to go over your progress and decide on increasing your contracts without making you take another evaluation.

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