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Apex Trader Funding is a distinguished futures prop trading firm, providing reliable funding solutions tailored specifically for futures trading across a range of markets. Today’s rapidly advancing technology brings with it new opportunities, none more exciting than the advent of proprietary trading firms. These firms seek skilled, professional traders who will trade using the firm’s capital. In exchange, traders have the chance to generate profits and take home what can often be substantial income. One such prop firm which stands out in a busy market is the Apex Trader Funding platform.

Imagine you’re a trader just getting started in the industry, with limited access to capital, market information, trading tools and educational material. Now suppose you’re a trader with much more experience, looking to increase your return on investment without risking your personal capital. In both cases, a prop trading firm offers the ideal solution, providing you with all the resources you need as well as training and support to hone your skills. However, it’s important to choose your prop firm carefully: there are lots out there, but a few stand out in terms of what they can offer you.

Apex Trader Funding is one of these outstanding firms, with straightforward rules, a flexible environment, and a generous profit share: 100% of the first $25,000 in profit is yours to keep, and the profit share thereafter is 90%. Furthermore, you can request two payouts per month, with no total cap on the maximum payout. The firm’s straightforward one-step evaluation process provides real-time data for as many as 20 accounts at once, simplifying the process of risk management. You can trade mini or micro futures contracts right from the start, without scaling restrictions or daily drawdowns in the evaluation and funded accounts. Trading the news and trading on holidays is allowed, meaning you can stick to your day-to-day trading strategy. The firm’s dedication to offering traders a reliable platform and supportive trading environment is undisputable. The only potential downside for some traders is the recurring monthly fees.

In this Apex Trader Funding review we take a comprehensive look at the Apex Trading Program, including its benefits, drawbacks, and what the firm has on offer.

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There are a number of benefits to Apex Trader Funding, making it an appealing option for traders seeking to grow their careers, including:

Flexible Funding Programs
The firm offers a range of funding programs, catering to the varied needs of traders who many require different account sizes and have different risk preferences.

Easy Application Process
Apex Trader Funding’s application process is clearcut and easy to follow. Traders have a choice of two different accounts, Static or Full. Having made this decision, you submit your trading records for evaluation, and once approved will receive funding promptly, meaning you can start using the firm’s capital at once.

Risk Management Tools
Apex Trader Funding have a firm grasp of the significance of risk management in trading and offer a range of risk management tools to aid traders in controlling their trading positions and minimising potential losses.

Competitive Funding Rates
Apex Trader Funding’s funding rates are very attractive: traders retain 100% of their initial $25,000 in profits, and a 90% profit thereafter, with the firm keeping a modest 10%.

Personalized Support
The prop trading firm provide personalised support to every trader, with a dedicated customer service team on hand to answer any queries, and a live chat support if you need an immediate response. It’s always worth taking a look at their informative FAQ page before getting in touch.

  • New futures traders seeking to acquire experience, expertise, and access to trading resources
  • Seasoned traders requiring access to capital and funding to explore the futures market and increase their profitability
  • Active day traders wanting the freedom to choose their trading strategies and spread risk across several accounts
  • Futures day traders looking for prop firms offering uncomplicated risk management approaches and no unnecessary regulations
  • Prop traders who appreciate firms providing regular payouts to give them a stable income stream
  • Receive 100% of the first $25,000 per Account and 90% Beyond That
  • Two Payouts per Month
  • Trade Full-Sized Contracts in Evaluations or Funded Accounts
  • No Scaling or Failing by Going Over Contract Size
  • No Daily Drawdowns
  • Trade on Holidays
  • Trade Your Normal Day-to-Day Strategy or System During The News
  • No Total Cap on Maximum Payout
  • One-Step Evaluation Process
  • Real-Time Data Included
  • Simple Risk Management Rules
  • Trade With Multiple Accounts up to 20 max

In this section we take a closer look at what you need to do to get funded with Apex Trader Funding.


If you’re interested, go to the Apex Trader Funding website, and complete an application form. This will ask you to give your trading history and specify your funding requirements by choosing from the eight account plans described in the table below:


Once you have chosen an account (and your evaluation is approved) you will be tied to the following trading platforms:

  • NinjaTrader
  • Tradovate
  • TradingView
  • Wealthcharts (web platform)
  • Trader
  • ATAS
  • Bookmap
  • Edgeclear
  • Finamark
  • Jigsaw Trading
  • Motivewave
  • Quantower
  • Rithmic
  • Sierra Chart
  • Volfix
  • Rithmic


If your application meets Apex Trader Funding’s criteria, you will qualify for funding, receiving a notification about the approved funding amount and any associated terms and conditions.


You will receive the funds in your account shortly after your funding is approved and can start trading with the firm’s capital.


Apex Trader Funding uses a commission-based profit split model. As you make profits using the firm’s capital, these are shared between you and the firm. For the first $25,000 you make in profits, your profit share is 100%, and thereafter traders take 90% and the firm keeps the remaining 10%.

Apex Trader Funding charge an $85 monthly fee per account, or for new accounts a one-off charge. Do be aware that when you choose your monthly or lifetime plan, you won’t be able to change it later for that account. You can see the fees for each account below:

Apex Trader Funding provides traders with access to a diverse range of futures markets, including agricultural products, derivatives, and micro contracts. This extensive market access equips traders with the confidence and knowledge to trade across various sectors in the futures market. There are a variety of accounts with different amounts of starting capital, catering to the needs of every undercapitalised trader. Traders decide between Rithmic or Tradovate plans, both with eight account options. These start at $25,000 and go up to $300,000, and there is also a $100,000 static account.

There are no scaling requirements or drawdown for any of the account sizes, and all come with a complimentary Rithmic license and real-time data. Tradovate accounts have a free license to the Tradovate platform, a well-regarded and accessible futures broker famed for its compatibility across multiple devices and group trading features that simplify trade copying across various accounts. All accounts are also compatible with the TradingView platform. 

Features like contract size, trailing threshold and profit targets change with each account size, but are similar for both the Rithmic and Tradovate plans. This is not true of monthly fees for each account size, with vary across each plan. For example, for the Rithmic plan, the $25,000 account costs $73.50 per month (with a 50% discount included) whereas it costs $83.50 per month (again including a 50% discount) for the Tradovate. Despite the difference in monthly fees, both plans have a contract size of 40 microns, a trailing threshold of $1,500 and a $1,500 profit target. You can see a summary of these similarities in the table below:

Account Sizes

Monthly Fees (Rithmic)

Monthly Fees


Contract Sizes

Profit Target

Trailing Threshold




4 (40 Micros)






10 (100 Micros)






12 (120 Micros)






14 (140 Micros)






17 (170 Micros)






27 (270 Micros)






35 (350 Micros)



$100,000 (Static)



2 (20 Micros)



NB: Contract size, profit target and trailing threshold are the same for Tradovate and Rithmic plans.

Apex Trader Funding offers customer support through two main channels: live chat and online ticketing. To make queries or complaints via the latter, you complete a form with your email address, the subject of your inquiry, your Rithmic ID (if applicable) and a short summary of the problem. You also have the option to attach a file. It’s worth noting that you will receive a response only 48 to 72 hours after you submit the form. The live chat option is more efficient, with responses generally made in under two minutes. For most queries, though, it’s worth checking Apex Trader Funding’s FAQ page before getting in touch with the support team, as 97% of questions can be resolved there.

The firm has a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (X), and YouTube but does not provide customer support through social media. Based on feedback from 4,456 reviewers, the firm has an impressive 4.8 out of 5 Trustpilot rating, with 96% of reviews awarding five stars. The comments are entirely positive, but it’s worth noting that these generally reflect the overall quality of Apex Trader Funding’s products and services, rather than focusing specifically on customer support.

  • The evaluation process is simplified and efficient
  • Generous profit share
  • Two payouts per month
  • No total cap on the maximum payout
  • Trading rules are not overly restrictive
  • The firm is well-regarded on all fronts
  • Holiday trading is permitted
  • No daily drawdown and scaling restrictions
  • Straightforward risk management strategies
  • Available in over 100 countries
  • No daily profit targets
  • Traders can trade when it best suits them, with no consecutive trading day rules
  • Only supports future tradings
  • Recurring monthly fees
  • Cross-session trading is not accommodated
  • Limited trading technology and tools

We highly recommend Apex Trader Funding for traders seeking a reputable prop trading firm committed to offering traders a path towards trading success. Their remarkable array of features makes them an obvious choice for a diverse range of traders looking to capitalise on opportunities in the futures market.

Traders benefit from a generous profit share and the platform’s ability to accommodate large contract sizes, enabling them to pursue more ambitious trading strategies. A simplified evaluation process and a supportive trading environment encourage continuous growth and learning, and a strong emphasis on risk management and data security mean traders can relax into a secure, dependable trading experience.

Based on our comprehensive research and a thorough analysis of Apex Trader Funding’s services, we can confidently rate them as an industry leader.


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Typically, Apex Trader Funding charges monthly payment fees (of $85). However, traders now have the option to make a one-off payment. For more information on the fee structure, see here.

Your account will be funded within seven days of your evaluation being submitted and approved.

Yes, Apex Trader Funding allows you to create up to 20 accounts on the platform at once. Do note that you pay either a monthly or one-off fee for each account.

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